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Контактное лицо Александр Жданович
Менеджер компании Александр Жданович
Год создания 2013
Сотрудники 201-500
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The Skyprofil team is experts with 10 years of experience

Our profile is:

Roofing and accessories. We create reliable, durable and beautiful roofing materials – metal tiles, roofing corrugated board, additional elements and components of any size, thickness and color.
Profiled flooring for walls, roofs and facades. Lightweight and durable, versatile and affordable - this material combines important characteristics and advantages for the consumer. We create a durable corrugated board that is easy to install.
Drainage systems. Why are the facades and plinths of country houses being destroyed? The reason is constant contact with water. Reliable drainage systems of the company "Skyprofil" will help to avoid this problem.
Fences and accessories. The security of the site and giving  
show_more aesthetic value to landscape design, protection from prying eyes and stray animals – our durable and beautiful fences successfully solve various tasks.
Black and non-ferrous metal products. Super-strong and hardy, durable and affordable materials, which cannot be dispensed with when creating a design project of a modern country cottage.
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  • Roofing
    metal roof
    PRICE: 10


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